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5 Reasons Why Live Online Workshops Can Be Better Than Self-Study Online Courses

Nothing against traditional online courses – they’re great for learning a more complex topics in a self-paced learning environment. However, there are many situations where live online workshops are a good or even a better alternative to self-study online courses. Before we look at the advantages of live workshops, let’s first talk about what both forms of online learning have in common.

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10 Ways You Can Use Online Events to Boost Your Business Or Career

Modern online events like web summits, online conferences and digital networking events can help you boost your business by giving you amazing opportunities to make connections, learn, share ideas or even to advertise your business to an open-minded, excited crowd. Here I will show you 10 ways you can use online events to boost your business, career or side project. Some of these tips are about networking, others about becoming an online event speaker or how to promote your business in front of a big, excited crowd in a non-spammy way. Let’s get started with the tips:

Creators Hour – November 2019 Edition

The very first Clickventions Event is coming up soon: The “Creators Hour”, which will be a monthly online meetup for content creators, product makers, craftspeople, tech innovators and other creatives.