Creators Hour – November 2019 Edition

The very first Clickventions Event is coming up soon: The “Creators Hour”, which will be a monthly online meetup for content creators, product makers, craftspeople, tech innovators and other creatives.

What’s going on?

The schedule has been designed for you to get inspired, share ideas and make connections to drive your creative projects forward.

Get inspired – by the Kick-Off Talk

The event begins with a 15 minute long kick-off talk on our virtual stage. This first one is about the vision behind CreatorsHour and why we need makers and doers like you to shape the future in a positive way.

Share Ideas – at the Mini Meetups

After a 5 minute coffee / bathroom break we will start with the 20 minute long “Mini Meetups” where you can join live video chats with people who create similar stuff to the things you make.
You can choose between the following meetups:

  • The content creators meetup
  • The product makers meetup
  • The artists and craftspeople meetup 

In each of these sessions, you have the option to join the chat or just relax and listen in on the discussion.

Make connections – in the Networking Lounge

After the meetups, the networking lounge opens for you to randomly meet other creators. Make friends, find collaborators or pitch your project in networking meetings that can be up to 5 minutes long. Stay in touch with people after the event if they and you agree to add each other to their contacts list. These connections can make a huge positive impact on your future creations, business and / or career.

When and where

It’s completely online, so you can stay in your home or office to attend the event, which will take place on the 30. October from 8:00 to 9:00 PM CET. Join now and bring your creator friends along. 

Get your ticket now before they sell out!

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